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Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge

Last updated: 07-Oct-2020

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"Understanding the luminescent nature of organic radicals for efficient doublet emitters and pure-red light-emitting diodes." A. Abdurahman, T. J. H. Hele, Q. Y. Gu, J. B. Zhang, Q. M. Peng, M. Zhang, R. H. Friend, F. Li and E. W. Evans 2020 Nature Materials. WOS:000540412500002 or DOI:10.1038/s41563-020-0705-9
"New Strategies for Defect Passivation in High-Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells." S. Akin, N. Arora, S. M. Zakeeruddin, M. Gratzel, R. H. Friend and M. I. Dar 2020 Advanced Energy Materials 10(13): 1903090. WOS:000497158800001 or DOI:10.1002/aenm.201903090
"Impact of exciton delocalization on exciton-vibration interactions in organic semiconductors." A. M. Alvertis, R. Pandya, L. A. Muscarella, N. Sawhney, M. Nguyen, B. Ehrler, A. Rao, R. H. Friend, A. W. Chin and B. Monserrat 2020 Physical Review B 102(8): 081122. WOS:000564044900001 or DOI:10.1103/PhysRevB.102.081122
"First principles modeling of exciton-polaritons in polydiacetylene chains." A. M. Alvertis, R. Pandya, C. Quarti, L. Legrand, T. Barisien, B. Monserrat, A. J. Musser, A. Rao, A. W. Chin and D. Beljonne 2020 Journal of Chemical Physics 153(8): 084103. WOS:000565314000003 or DOI:10.1063/5.0019009
"Photobrightening in Lead Halide Perovskites: Observations, Mechanisms, and Future Potential." Z. Andaji-Garmaroudi, M. Anaya, A. J. Pearson and S. D. Stranks 2020 Advanced Energy Materials 10(13): 1903109. WOS:000503021500001 or DOI:10.1002/aenm.201903109
"Photo-Rechargeable Zinc-Ion Capacitor Using 2D Graphitic Carbon Nitride." B. D. Boruah, A. Mathieson, B. Wen, C. S. Jo, F. Deschler and M. De Volder 2020 Nano Letters 20(8): 5967-5974. WOS:000562935200053 or DOI:10.1021/acs.nanolett.0c01958
"How Exciton Interactions Control Spin-Depolarization in Layered Hybrid Perovskites." S. A. Bourelle, R. Shivanna, F. V. A. Camargo, S. Ghosh, A. J. Gillett, S. P. Senanayak, S. Feldmann, L. Eyre, A. Ashoka, T. W. J. van de Goor, H. Abolins, T. Winkler, G. Cerullo, R. H. Friend and F. Deschler 2020 Nano Letters 20(8): 5678-5685. WOS:000562935200013 or DOI:10.1021/acs.nanolett.0c00867
"Quantifying Photon Recycling in Solar Cells and Light-Emitting Diodes: Absorption and Emission Are Always Key." A. R. Bowman, M. Anaya, N. C. Greenham and S. D. Stranks 2020 Physical Review Letters 125(6): 067401. WOS:000555785600011 or DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.067401
"Controlled Optofluidic Crystallization of Colloids Tethered at Interfaces." A. Caciagli, R. Singh, D. Joshi, R. Adhikari and E. Eiser 2020 Physical Review Letters 125(6): 068001. WOS:000555785600014 or DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.068001
"Dark Subgap States in Metal-Halide Perovskites Revealed by Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy." F. V. A. Camargo, T. Nagahara, S. Feldmann, J. M. Richter, R. H. Friend, G. Cerullo and F. Deschler 2020 Journal of the American Chemical Society 142(2): 777-782. WOS:000508475100019 or DOI:10.1021/jacs.9b07169
"Multisource Vacuum Deposition of Methylammonium-Free Perovskite Solar Cells." Y. H. Chiang, M. Anaya and S. D. Stranks 2020 Acs Energy Letters 5(8): 2498-2504. WOS:000562954100006 or DOI:10.1021/acsenergylett.0c00839
"The role of photon recycling in perovskite light-emitting diodes." C. Cho, B. D. Zhao, G. D. Tainter, J. Y. Lee, R. H. Friend, D. W. Di, F. Deschler and N. C. Greenham 2020 Nature Communications 11(1). WOS:000543984200010 or DOI:10.1038/s41467-020-14401-1
"Highly efficient blue organic light-emitting diodes based on carbene-metal-amides." P. J. Conaghan, C. S. B. Matthews, F. Chotard, S. T. E. Jones, N. C. Greenham, M. Bochmann, D. Credgington and A. S. Romanov 2020 Nature Communications 11(1). WOS:000527736800011 or DOI:10.1038/s41467-020-15369-8
"Fast spin-flip enables efficient and stable organic electroluminescence from charge-transfer states." L. S. Cui, A. J. Gillett, S. F. Zhang, H. Ye, Y. Liu, X. K. Chen, Z. S. Lin, E. W. Evans, W. K. Myers, T. K. Ronson, H. Nakanotani, S. Reineke, J. L. Bredas, C. Adachi and R. H. Friend 2020 Nature Photonics. WOS:000555386900001 or DOI:10.1038/s41566-020-0668-z
"Computational design of probes to detect bacterial genomes by multivalent binding." T. Curk, C. A. Brackley, J. D. Farrell, Z. Y. Xing, D. Joshi, S. Direito, U. Bren, S. Angioletti-Uberti, J. Dobnikar, E. Eiser, D. Frenkel and R. J. Allen 2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117(16): 8719-8726. WOS:000528260600014 or DOI:10.1073/pnas.1918274117
"Impact of Mesoporous Silicon Template Pore Dimension and Surface Chemistry on Methylammonium Lead Trihalide Perovskite Photophysics." V. C. P. da Costa, R. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, K. Frohna, G. Delport, S. D. Stranks, L. T. Canham and J. L. Coffer 2020 Advanced Materials Interfaces: 2001138. WOS:000568699000001 or DOI:10.1002/admi.202001138
"Imaging Carrier Transport Properties in Halide Perovskites using Time-Resolved Optical Microscopy." G. Delport, S. Macpherson and S. D. Stranks 2020 Advanced Energy Materials: 1903814. WOS:000512727100001 or DOI:10.1002/aenm.201903814
"Imaging Carrier Transport Properties in Halide Perovskites using Time-Resolved Optical Microscopy." G. Delport, S. Macpherson and S. D. Stranks 2020 Advanced Energy Materials: 1903814. WOS:000512727100001 or DOI:10.1002/aenm.201903814
"Deciphering exciton-generation processes in quantum-dot electroluminescence." Y. Deng, X. Lin, W. Fang, D. Di, L. Wang, R. H. Friend, X. Peng and Y. Jin 2020 Nature Communications 11(1). WOS:000533936800033 or DOI:10.1038/s41467-020-15944-z
"Maximizing the external radiative efficiency of hybrid perovskite solar cells." D. W. deQuilettes, M. Laitz, R. Brenes, B. J. Dou, B. T. Motes, S. D. Stranks, H. J. Snaith, V. Bulovic and D. S. Ginger 2020 Pure and Applied Chemistry 92(5): 697-706. WOS:000537416000002 or DOI:10.1515/pac-2019-0505
"Circularly Polarized Photoluminescence from Chiral Perovskite Thin Films at Room Temperature." D. Di Nuzzo, L. S. Cui, J. L. Greenfield, B. D. Zhao, R. H. Friend and S. C. J. Meskers 2020 Acs Nano 14(6): 7610-7616. WOS:000543744100119 or DOI:10.1021/acsnano.0c03628
"Graphene-passivated nickel as an efficient hole-injecting electrode for large area organic semiconductor devices." D. Di Nuzzo, R. Mizuta, K. Nakanishi, M. B. Martin, A. I. Aria, R. Weatherup, R. H. Friend, S. Hofmann and J. Alexander-Webber 2020 Applied Physics Letters 116(16). WOS:000529477700001 or DOI:10.1063/5.0002222
"Performance-limiting nanoscale trap clusters at grain junctions in halide perovskites." T. A. S. Doherty, A. J. Winchester, S. Macpherson, D. N. Johnstone, V. Pareek, E. M. Tennyson, S. Kosar, F. U. Kosasih, M. Anaya, M. Abdi-Jalebi, Z. Andaji-Garmaroudi, E. L. Wong, J. Mad?o, Y. H. Chiang, J. S. Park, Y. K. Jung, C. E. Petoukhoff, G. Divitini, M. K. L. Man, C. Ducati, A. Walsh, P. A. Midgley, K. M. Dani and S. D. Stranks 2020 Nature 580(7803): 360-+. WOS:000530151300027 or DOI:10.1038/s41586-020-2184-1
"Performance-limiting nanoscale trap clusters at grain junctions in halide perovskites." T. A. S. Doherty, A. J. Winchester, S. Macpherson, D. N. Johnstone, V. Pareek, E. M. Tennyson, S. Kosar, F. U. Kosasih, M. Anaya, M. Abdi-Jalebi, Z. Andaji-Garmaroudi, E. L. Wong, J. Madeo, Y. H. Chiang, J. S. Park, Y. K. Jung, C. E. Petoukhoff, G. Divitini, M. K. L. Man, C. Ducati, A. Walsh, P. A. Midgley, K. M. Dani and S. D. Stranks 2020 Nature 580(7803): 360-+. WOS:000530151300027 or DOI:10.1038/s41586-020-2184-1
"Selenium Substitution Enhances Reverse Intersystem Crossing in a Delayed Fluorescence Emitter." B. H. Drummond, G. C. Hoover, A. J. Gillett, N. Aizawa, W. K. Myers, B. T. McAllister, S. T. E. Jones, Y. J. Pu, D. Credgington and D. S. Seferos 2020 Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124(11): 6364-6370. WOS:000526396000053 or DOI:10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c01499
"Competition between the heavy atom effect and vibronic coupling in donor-bridge-acceptor organometallics." J. Eng, S. Thompson, H. Goodwin, D. Credgington and T. J. Penfold 2020 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22(8): 4659-4667. WOS:000519585700031 or DOI:10.1039/c9cp06999b
"Transparent Films Made of Highly Scattering Particles." T. Erdem, L. Yang, P. C. Xu, Y. Altintas, T. O'Neil, A. Caciagli, C. Ducati, E. Mutlugun, O. A. Scherman and E. Eiser 2020 Langmuir 36(4): 911-918. WOS:000511509900011 or DOI:10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b01014
"Photodoping through local charge carrier accumulation in alloyed hybrid perovskites for highly efficient luminescence." S. Feldmann, S. Macpherson, S. P. Senanayak, M. Abdi-Jalebi, J. P. H. Rivett, G. J. Nan, G. D. Tainter, T. A. S. Doherty, K. Frohna, E. Ringe, R. H. Friend, H. Sirringhaus, M. Saliba, D. Beljonne, S. D. Stranks and F. Deschler 2020 Nature Photonics 14(2): 123-+. WOS:000511124400013 or DOI:10.1038/s41566-019-0546-8
"Carbene-Metal-Amide Polycrystalline Materials Feature Blue Shifted Energy yet Unchanged Kinetics of Emission." J. L. Feng, E. J. Taffet, A. P. M. Reponen, A. S. Romanov, Y. Olivier, V. Lemaur, L. P. Yang, M. Linnolahti, M. Bochmann, D. Beljonne and D. Credgington 2020 Chemistry of Materials 32(11): 4743-4753. WOS:000541499600036 or DOI:10.1021/acs.chemmater.0c01363
"Environmental Control of Triplet Emission in Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Organometallics." J. L. Feng, L. P. Yang, A. S. Romanov, J. Ratanapreechachai, A. P. M. Reponen, S. T. E. Jones, M. Linnolahti, T. J. H. Hele, A. Kohler, H. Bassler, M. Bochmann and D. Credgington 2020 Advanced Functional Materials 30(9): 1908715. WOS:000505039000001 or DOI:10.1002/adfm.201908715
"Halide Perovskites - Optoelectronic and Structural Characterization Methods." D. P. Fenning, P. Schulz and S. D. Stranks 2020 Advanced Energy Materials 10(26): 2001812. WOS:000552803200008 or DOI:10.1002/aenm.202001812
"Charge transport in high-mobility conjugated polymers and molecular semiconductors." S. Fratini, M. Nikolka, A. Salleo, G. Schweicher and H. Sirringhaus 2020 Nature Materials 19(5): 491-502. WOS:000526217500001 or DOI:10.1038/s41563-020-0647-2
"Excitation Dynamics in Layered Lead Halide Perovskite Crystal Slabs and Microcavities." K. Fujiwara, S. Zhang, S. Takahashi, L. M. Ni, A. Rao and K. Yamashita 2020 Acs Photonics 7(3): 845-852. WOS:000526350900037 or DOI:10.1021/acsphotonics.0c00038
"Elucidating the origin of external quantum efficiency losses in cuprous oxide solar cells through defect analysis." J. T. Gan, R. L. Z. Hoye, Y. Ievskaya, L. Vines, A. T. Marin, J. L. MacManus-Driscoll and E. V. Monakhov 2020 Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 209: 110418. WOS:000525756800011 or DOI:10.1016/j.solmat.2020.110418
"Structural and spectroscopic studies of a nanostructured silicon-perovskite interface." R. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, V. C. P. Costa, G. Delport, K. Frohna, R. L. Z. Hoye, S. D. Stranks and J. L. Coffer 2020 Nanoscale 12(7): 4498-4505. WOS:000531408100026 or DOI:10.1039/c9nr09622a
"Direct vs Delayed Triplet Energy Transfer from Organic Semiconductors to Quantum Dots and Implications for Luminescent Harvesting of Triplet Excitons." V. Gray, J. R. Allardice, Z. L. Zhang, S. Dowland, J. Xiao, A. J. Petty, J. E. Anthony, N. C. Greenham and A. Rao 2020 Acs Nano 14(4): 4224-4234. WOS:000529895500044 or DOI:10.1021/acsnano.9b09339
"Thiol-Anchored TIPS-Tetracene Ligands with Quantitative Triplet Energy Transfer to PbS Quantum Dots and Improved Thermal Stability." V. Gray, Z. L. Zhang, S. Dowland, J. R. Allardice, A. M. Alvertis, J. Xiao, N. C. Greenham, J. E. Anthony and A. Rao 2020 Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11(17): 7239-7244. WOS:000569375400043 or DOI:10.1021/acs.jpclett.0c02031
"Polymer Light Emitting Diodes with Doublet Emission." Q. Y. Gu, A. Abdurahman, R. H. Friend and F. Li 2020 Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11(14): 5638-5642. WOS:000551546100036 or DOI:10.1021/acs.jpclett.0c01399
"Molecular aggregation method for perovskite-fullerene bulk heterostructure solar cells." S. R. Ha, W. H. Jeong, Y. L. Liu, J. T. Oh, S. Y. Bae, S. Lee, J. W. Kim, S. Bandyopadhyay, H. I. Jeong, J. Y. Kim, Y. Kim, M. H. Song, S. H. Park, S. D. Stranks, B. R. Lee, R. H. Friend and H. Choi 2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8(3): 1326-1334. WOS:000508855700041 or DOI:10.1039/c9ta11854c
"Sensing of explosive vapor by hybrid perovskites: Effect of dimensionality." J. R. Harwell, J. M. E. Glackin, N. Davis, R. N. Gillanders, D. Credgington, G. A. Turnbull and I. D. W. Samuel 2020 Apl Materials 8(7): 071106. WOS:000551835000001 or DOI:10.1063/5.0011229
"Synthesis and characterization of a semiconducting and solution-processable ruthenium-based polymetallayne." P. Y. Ho, H. Komber, K. Horatz, T. Tsuda, S. C. B. Mannsfeld, E. Dmitrieva, O. Blacque, U. Kraft, H. Sirringhaus and F. Lissel 2020 Polymer Chemistry 11(2): 472-479. WOS:000505568400033 or DOI:10.1039/c9py01090d
"Light emission from perovskite materials." R. L. Z. Hoye, A. Fakharuddin, D. N. Congreve, J. P. Wang and L. Schmidt-Mende 2020 Apl Materials 8(7): 070401. WOS:000552631300001 or DOI:10.1063/5.0019554
"Electronic Structure and Optoelectronic Properties of Bismuth Oxyiodide Robust against Percent-Level Iodine-, Oxygen-, and Bismuth-Related Surface Defects." T. N. Huq, L. C. Lee, L. Eyre, W. W. Li, R. A. Jagt, C. Kim, S. Fearn, V. Pecunia, F. Deschler, J. L. MacManus-Driscoll and R. L. Z. Hoye 2020 Advanced Functional Materials 30(13): 1909983. WOS:000513285900001 or DOI:10.1002/adfm.201909983
"Controlling the preferred orientation of layered BiOI solar absorbers." R. A. Jagt, T. N. Huq, K. M. Borsig, D. Sauven, L. C. Lee, J. L. MacManus-Driscoll and R. L. Z. Hoye 2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8(31): 10791-10797. WOS:000560902700017 or DOI:10.1039/d0tc02076a
"Rapid Vapor-Phase Deposition of High-Mobility p-Type Buffer Layers on Perovskite Photovoltaics for Efficient Semitransparent Devices." R. A. Jagt, T. N. Huq, S. A. Hill, M. Thway, T. Y. Liu, M. Napari, B. Roose, K. Galkowski, W. W. Li, S. F. Lin, S. D. Stranks, J. L. MacManus-Driscoll and R. L. Z. Hoye 2020 Acs Energy Letters 5(8): 2456-2465. WOS:000562954100001 or DOI:10.1021/acsenergylett.0c00763
"Unifying Charge Generation, Recombination, and Extraction in Low-Offset Non-Fullerene Acceptor Organic Solar Cells." A. Karki, J. Vollbrecht, A. J. Gillett, P. Selter, J. Lee, Z. X. Peng, N. Schopp, A. L. Dixon, M. Schrock, V. Nadazdy, F. Schauer, H. Ade, B. F. Chmelka, G. C. Bazan, R. H. Friend and T. Q. Nguyen 2020 Advanced Energy Materials 10(29): 2001203. WOS:000540877000001 or DOI:10.1002/aenm.202001203
"Consensus statement for stability assessment and reporting for perovskite photovoltaics based on ISOS procedures." M. V. Khenkin, E. A. Katz, A. Abate, G. Bardizza, J. J. Berry, C. Brabec, F. Brunetti, V. Bulovic, Q. Burlingame, A. Di Carlo, R. Cheacharoen, Y. B. Cheng, A. Colsmann, S. Cros, K. Domanski, M. Dusza, C. J. Fell, S. R. Forrest, Y. Galagan, D. Di Girolamo, M. Gr?tzel, A. Hagfeldt, E. von Hauff, H. Hoppe, J. Kettle, H. K?bler, M. S. Leite, S. Liu, Y. L. Loo, J. M. Luther, C. Q. Ma, M. Madsen, M. Manceau, M. Matheron, M. McGehee, R. Meitzner, M. K. Nazeeruddin, A. F. Nogueira, Odabasi, A. Osherov, N. G. Park, M. O. Reese, F. De Rossi, M. Saliba, U. S. Schubert, H. J. Snaith, S. D. Stranks, W. Tress, P. A. Troshin, V. Turkovic, S. Veenstra, I. Visoly-Fisher, A. Walsh, T. Watson, H. B. Xie, R. Yildirim, S. M. Zakeeruddin, K. Zhu and M. Lira-Cantu 2020 Nature Energy 5(1): 35-49. WOS:000509196700015 or DOI:10.1038/s41560-019-0529-5
"Proton-transfer-induced 3D/2D hybrid perovskites suppress ion migration and reduce luminance overshoot." H. Kim, J. S. Kim, J. M. Heo, M. Y. Pei, I. H. Park, Z. Liu, H. J. Yun, M. H. Park, S. H. Jeong, Y. H. Kim, J. W. Park, E. Oveisi, S. Nagane, A. Sadhanala, L. J. Zhang, J. J. Kweon, S. K. Lee, H. Yang, H. M. Jang, R. H. Friend, K. P. Loh, M. K. Nazeeruddin, N. G. Park and T. W. Lee 2020 Nature Communications 11(1): 3378. WOS:000550671200004 or DOI:10.1038/s41467-020-17072-0
"Highly Stable Contact Doping in Organic Field Effect Transistors by Dopant-Blockade Method." Y. Kim, K. Broch, W. Lee, H. Ahn, J. Lee, D. Yoo, J. Kim, S. Chung, H. Sirringhaus, K. Kang and T. Lee 2020 Advanced Functional Materials 30(28): 2000058. WOS:000535085100001 or DOI:10.1002/adfm.202000058
"Local Structure and Dynamics in Methylammonium, Formamidinium, and Cesium Tin(II) Mixed-Halide Perovskites from Sn-119 Solid-State NMR." D. J. Kubicki, D. Prochowicz, E. Salager, A. Rakhmatullin, C. P. Grey, L. Emsley and S. D. Stranks 2020 Journal of the American Chemical Society 142(17): 7813-7826. WOS:000529959000015 or DOI:10.1021/jacs.0c00647
"Proton Radiation Hardness of Perovskite Tandem Photovoltaics." F. Lang, M. Jost, K. Frohna, E. Kohnen, A. Al-Ashouri, A. R. Bowman, T. Bertram, A. B. Morales-Vilches, D. Koushik, E. M. Tennyson, K. Galkowski, G. Landi, M. Creatore, B. Stannowski, C. A. Kaufmann, J. Bundesmann, J. Rappich, B. Rech, A. Denker, S. Albrecht, H. C. Neitzert, N. H. Nickel and S. D. Stranks 2020 Joule 4(5): 1054-1069. WOS:000535806100011 or DOI:10.1016/j.joule.2020.03.006
"Microstructural and photoconversion efficiency enhancement of compact films of lead-free perovskite derivative Rb3Sb2I9." F. Z. Li, Y. Wang, K. Xia, R. L. Z. Hoye and V. Pecunia 2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8(8): 4396-4406. WOS:000519704200020 or DOI:10.1039/c9ta13352f
"Over 20% Efficiency in Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite Solar Cells with Enhanced Stability via "in Situ Solidification" of the TiO2 Compact Layer." Y. Li, R. L. Z. Hoye, H. H. Gao, L. H. Yan, X. Y. Zhang, Y. Zhou, J. L. MacManus-Driscoll and J. Gan 2020 Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 12(6): 7135-7143. WOS:000514256400032 or DOI:10.1021/acsami.9b19153
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"Nickel oxide thin films grown by chemical deposition techniques: Potential and challenges in next-generation rigid and flexible device applications." M. Napari, T. N. Huq, R. L. Z. Hoye and J. L. MacManus-Driscoll 2020 Infomat. WOS:000558200800001 or DOI:10.1002/inf2.12146
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"A Novel Mitigation Mechanism for Photo-Induced Trapping in an Anthradithiophene Derivative Using Additives." I. Nasrallah, M. K. Ravva, K. Broch, J. Novak, J. Armitage, G. Schweicher, A. Sadhanala, J. E. Anthony, J. L. Bredas and H. Sirringhaus 2020 Advanced Electronic Materials 6(9): 2000250. WOS:000559160900001 or DOI:10.1002/aelm.202000250
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"Quantifying Postural Control in Premanifest and Manifest Huntington Disease Using Wearable Sensors." F. Porciuncula, P. Wasserman, K. S. Marder and A. K. Rao 2020 Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair 34(9): 771-783. WOS:000549911600001 or DOI:10.1177/1545968320939560
"Strong performance enhancement in lead-halide perovskite solar cells through rapid, atmospheric deposition of n-type buffer layer oxides." R. D. Raninga, R. A. Jagt, S. Bechu, T. N. Huq, W. W. Li, M. Nikolka, Y. H. Lin, M. Y. Sun, Z. W. Li, W. Li, M. Bouttemy, M. Fregnaux, H. J. Snaith, P. Schulz, J. L. MacManus-Driscoll and R. L. Z. Hoye 2020 Nano Energy 75: 104946. WOS:000560729200005 or DOI:10.1016/j.nanoen.2020.104946
"Carbene metal amide photoemitters: tailoring conformationally flexible amides for full color range emissions including white-emitting OLED." A. S. Romanov, S. T. E. Jones, Q. Y. Gu, P. J. Conaghan, B. H. Drummond, J. L. Feng, F. Chotard, L. Buizza, M. Foley, M. Linnolahti, D. Credgington and M. Bochmann 2020 Chemical Science 11(2): 435-446. WOS:000505529100013 or DOI:10.1039/c9sc04589a
"Critical Assessment of the Use of Excess Lead Iodide in Lead Halide Perovskite Solar Cells." B. Roose, K. Dey, Y. H. Chiang, R. H. Friend and S. D. Stranks 2020 Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11(16): 6505-6512. WOS:000563737900005 or DOI:10.1021/acs.jpclett.0c01820
"Colourful luminescence of metal halide perovskites - from fundamentals to applications." I. G. Scheblykin, D. W. deQuilettes, A. Petrozza, S. D. Stranks and G. Raino 2020 Journal of Luminescence 226: 117405. WOS:000559070600012 or DOI:10.1016/j.jlumin.2020.117405
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