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Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge


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"Organic semiconductor devices for X-ray imaging." J. C. Blakesley, P. E. Keivanidis, M. Campoy-Quiles, C. R. Newman, Y. Jin, R. Speller, H. Sirringhaus, N. C. Greenham, J. Nelson and P. Stavrinou 2007 Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section a-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment 580(1): 774-777 ISI:000249741300198
"Discussion meeting issue 'Supramolecular nanotechnology for organic electronics' - Preface." F. Cacialli, H. L. Anderson and R. H. Friend 2007 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society a-Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences 365(1855): 1413-1416 ISI:000245900700001
"Relative importance of polaron activation and disorder on charge transport in high-mobility conjugated polymer field-effect transistors." J. F. Chang, H. Sirringhaus, M. Giles, M. Heeney and I. McCulloch 2007 Physical Review B 76(20): 205204 ISI:000251326900044
"Binary nanoparticle superlattices in the semiconductor-semiconductor system: CdTe and CdSe." Z. Y. Chen, J. Moore, G. Radtke, H. Sirringhaus and S. O'Brien 2007 Journal of the American Chemical Society 129(50): 15702-15709 ISI:000251581900060
"Role of intermolecular coupling in the photophysics of disordered organic semiconductors: Aggregate emission in regioregular polythiophene." J. Clark, C. Silva, R. H. Friend and F. C. Spano 2007 Physical Review Letters 98(20): 206406 ISI:000246624000050
"Ambipolar transport in organic conjugated material." J. Cornil, J. L. Bredas, J. Zaumseil and H. Sirringhaus 2007 Advanced Materials 19(14): 1791-1799 ISI:000248323800002
"Monte Carlo simulation of exciton bimolecular annihilation dynamics in supramolecular semiconductor architectures." C. Daniel, S. Westenhoff, F. Makereel, R. H. Friend, D. Beljonne, L. M. Herz and C. Silva 2007 Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111(51): 19111-19119 ISI:000251830200043
"Control of luminescence in conjugated polymers through control of chain microstructure." W. J. Feast, F. Cacialli, A. T. H. Koch, R. Daik, C. Lartigau, R. H. Friend, D. Beljonne and J. L. Bredas 2007 Journal of Materials Chemistry 17(9): 907-912 ISI:000244892300011
"Solvent effects on chain orientation and interchain pi-interaction in conjugated polymer thin films: Direct measurements of the air and substrate interfaces by near-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy." P. K. H. Ho, L. L. Chua, M. Dipankar, X. Y. Gao, D. C. Qi, A. T. S. Wee, J. F. Chang and R. H. Friend 2007 Advanced Materials 19(2): 215-+ ISI:000243901600007
"Photophysical properties of a series of poly (ladder-type phenylene)s." F. Laquai, A. K. Mishra, M. R. Ribas, A. Petrozza, J. Jacob, L. Akcelrud, K. Mullen, R. H. Friend and G. Wegner 2007 Advanced Functional Materials 17(16): 3231-3240 ISI:000250989600028
"Determination of the triplet excited-state absorption cross section in a polyfluorene by energy transfer from a phosphorescent metal complex." C. L. Lee, X. Yang and N. C. Greenham 2007 Physical Review B 76(24): 245201 ISI:000251986600043
"A microscopic model for the behavior of nanostructured organic photovoltaic devices." R. A. Marsh, C. Groves and N. C. Greenham 2007 Journal of Applied Physics 101(8): 083509 ISI:000246072200063
"Dual electron donor/electron acceptor character of a conjugated polymer in efficient photovoltaic diodes." C. R. McNeill, A. Abrusci, J. Zaumseil, R. Wilson, M. J. McKiernan, J. H. Burroughes, J. J. M. Halls, N. C. Greenham and R. H. Friend 2007 Applied Physics Letters 90(19): 193506 ISI:000246413400094
"X-ray microscopy of photovoltaic polyfluorene blends: Relating nanomorphology to device performance." C. R. McNeill, B. Watts, L. Thomsen, H. Ade, N. C. Greenham and P. C. Dastoor 2007 Macromolecules 40(9): 3263-3270 ISI:000245900200041
"Influence of nanoscale phase separation on the charge generation dynamics and photovoltaic performance of conjugated polymer blends: Balancing charge generation and separation." C. R. McNeill, S. Westenhoff, C. Groves, R. H. Friend and N. C. Greenham 2007 Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111(51): 19153-19160 ISI:000251830200049
"Tough, semiconducting polyethylene-poly(3-hexylthiophene) diblock copolymers." C. Muller, S. Goffri, D. W. Breiby, J. W. Andreasen, H. D. Chanzy, R. A. J. Janssen, M. M. Nielsen, C. P. Radano, H. Sirringhaus, P. Smith and N. Stingelin-Stutzmann 2007 Advanced Functional Materials 17(15): 2674-2679 ISI:000250526300007
"Stability of polymeric thin film transistors for x-ray imaging applications." C. R. Newman, H. Sirringhaus, J. C. Blakesley and R. Speller 2007 Applied Physics Letters 91(14): 142105 ISI:000249974100051
"Ink-jet printed ZnO nanowire field effect transistors." Y. Y. Noh, X. Y. Cheng, H. Sirringhaus, J. I. Sohn, M. E. Welland and D. J. Kang 2007 Applied Physics Letters 91(4): 043109 ISI:000248345500083
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"In situ identification of a luminescence quencher in an organic light-emitting device." J. D. Slinker, J. S. Kim, S. Flores-Torres, J. H. Delcamp, H. D. Abruna, R. H. Friend and G. G. Malliaras 2007 Journal of Materials Chemistry 17(1): 76-81 ISI:000242792300010
"Efficiency enhancements in solid-state hybrid solar cells via reduced charge recombination and increased light capture." H. J. Snaith, A. J. Moule, C. Klein, K. Meerholz, R. H. Friend and M. Gratzel 2007 Nano Letters 7(11): 3372-3376 ISI:000251059800022
"Low-temperature sintering of in-plane self-assembled ZnO nanorods for solution-processed high-performance thin film transistors." B. Q. Sun, R. L. Peterson, H. Sirringhaus and K. Mori 2007 Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111(51): 18831-18835 ISI:000251830200003
"An acoustoelectric single photon detector." V. I. Talyanskii, J. A. H. Stotz and P. V. Santos 2007 Semiconductor Science and Technology 22(3): 209-213 ISI:000244875600006
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