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Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge


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"Excitation migration along oligophenylenevinylene-based chiral stacks: Delocalization effects on transport dynamics." D. Beljonne, E. Hennebicq, C. Daniel, L. M. Herz, C. Silva, G. D. Scholes, F. J. M. Hoeben, P. Jonkheijm, A. Schenning, S. C. J. Meskers, R. T. Phillips, R. H. Friend and E. W. Meijer 2005 Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109(21): 10594-10604 ISI:000229406600011
"A scalable manufacturing process for flexible active-matrix e-paper displays." S. E. Burns, K. Reynolds, W. Reeves, M. Banach, T. Brown, K. Chalmers, N. Cousins, M. Etchells, C. Hayton, K. Jacobs, A. Menon, S. Siddique, P. Too, C. Ramsdale, J. Watts, P. Cain, T. von Werne, J. Mills, C. Curling, H. Sirringhaus, K. Amundson and M. D. McCreary 2005 Journal of the Society for Information Display 13(7): 583-586 ISI:000236282700007
"Correlation between surface photovoltage and blend morphology in polyfluorene-based photodiodes." M. Chiesa, L. Burgi, J. S. Kim, R. Shikler, R. H. Friend and H. Sirringhaus 2005 Nano Letters 5(4): 559-563 ISI:000228468800001
"Organic double-gate field-effect transistors: Logic-AND operation." L. L. Chua, R. H. Friend and P. K. H. Ho 2005 Applied Physics Letters 87(25): 253512 ISI:000234118900104
"General observation of n-type field-effect behaviour in organic semiconductors." L. L. Chua, J. Zaumseil, J. F. Chang, E. C. W. Ou, P. K. H. Ho, H. Sirringhaus and R. H. Friend 2005 Nature 434(7030): 194-199 ISI:000227494500039
"Acoustoelectric current in submicron-separated quantum wires." J. Cunningham, M. Pepper, V. I. Talyanskii and D. A. Ritchie 2005 Applied Physics Letters 86(15): 152105 ISI:000228901600050
"Acoustic transport of electrons in parallel quantum wires." J. Cunningham, M. Pepper, V. I. Talyanskii and D. A. Ritchie 2005 Acta Physica Polonica A 107(1): 38-45 ISI:000227308200005
"The effects of supramolecular assembly on exciton decay rates in organic semiconductors." C. Daniel, F. Makereel, L. M. Herz, F. J. M. Hoeben, P. Jonkheijm, A. Schenning, E. W. Meijer, R. H. Friend and C. Silva 2005 Journal of Chemical Physics 123(8): 084902 ISI:000231598600051
"Optical absorptions of polyfluorene transistors." Y. Y. Deng and H. Sirringhaus 2005 Physical Review B 72(4): 045207 ISI:000230890300067
"Effects of packing structure on the optoelectronic and charge transport properties in poly(9,9-di-n-octylfluorene-alt-benzothiadiazole)." C. L. Donley, J. Zaumseil, J. W. Andreasen, M. M. Nielsen, H. Sirringhaus, R. H. Friend and J. S. Kim 2005 Journal of the American Chemical Society 127(37): 12890-12899 ISI:000231928800045
"Enhanced triplet exciton generation in polyfluorene blends." T. A. Ford, I. Avilov, D. Beljonne and N. C. Greenham 2005 Physical Review B 71(12): 125212 ISI:000228923300072
"Jim Feast: a career in polymer science." R. H. Grubbs, R. H. Friend, E. W. Meijer, R. W. Richards and N. R. Cameron 2005 Polymer 46(5): 1427-1438 ISI:000226995500001
"Morphology dependence of the triplet excited state formation and absorption in polyfluorene." A. Hayer, A. L. T. Khan, R. H. Friend and A. Kohler 2005 Physical Review B 71(24): 241302 ISI:000230276900006
"Harnessing triplet emission in polymer leds." A. B. Holmes, K. L. Chan, N. R. Evans, C. S. K. Mak, S. E. Watkins, C. K. Williams, C. E. Boothby, R. H. Friend, A. Koehler, A. Hayer and L. S. Devi 2005 Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 229: 344-orgn ISI:000235066601446
"Nanostructured polymers in polymeric optoelectronic devices." W. T. S. Huck, G. Fichet, G. L. Whiting, H. Snaith and R. H. Friend 2005 Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 229: 341-PMSE ISI:000235066605341
"Spin-cast thin semiconducting polymer interlayer for improving device efficiency of polymer light-emitting diodes." J. S. Kim, R. H. Friend, I. Grizzi and J. H. Burroughes 2005 Applied Physics Letters 87(2): 023506 ISI:000230435800052
"Charge pumping in carbon nanotubes." P. J. Leek, M. R. Buitelaar, V. I. Talyanskii, C. G. Smith, D. Anderson, G. A. C. Jones, J. Wei and D. H. Cobden 2005 Physical Review Letters 95(25): 256802 ISI:000234118500057
"Suppression of green emission in a new class of blue-emitting polyfluorene copolymers with twisted biphenyl moieties." S. F. Lim, R. H. Friend, I. D. Rees, J. Li, Y. G. Ma, K. Robinson, A. B. Holmes, E. Hennebicq, D. Beljonne and F. Cacialli 2005 Advanced Functional Materials 15(6): 981-988 ISI:000229708700013
"Blue-to-green electrophosphorescence of iridium-based cyclometallated materials." C. S. K. Mak, A. Hayer, S. I. Pascu, S. E. Watkins, A. B. Holmes, A. Kohler and R. H. Friend 2005 Chemical Communications(37): 4708-4710 ISI:000232002900023
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"Electric field-induced transition from heterojunction to bulk charge recombination in bilayer polymer light-emitting diodes." A. C. Morteani, P. K. H. Ho, R. H. Friend and C. Silva 2005 Applied Physics Letters 86(16): 163501 ISI:000229040300070
"The use of electrical pulses to study the physics of bilayer organic light-emitting diodes." D. J. Pinner, R. H. Friend and N. Tessler 2005 Journal of Applied Physics 97(1): 014504 ISI:000226700300086
"A zone-casting technique for device fabrication of field-effect transistors based on discotic hexa-peri-hexabenzoeoronene." W. Pisula, A. Menon, M. Stepputat, I. Lieberwirth, U. Kolb, A. Tracz, H. Sirringhaus, T. Pakula and K. Mullen 2005 Advanced Materials 17(6): 684-+ ISI:000227923000005
"Shot noise in the current of a surface acoustic-wave-driven single-electron pump." A. M. Robinson and V. I. Talyanskii 2005 Physical Review Letters 95(24): 247202 ISI:000233826100065
"Lithography-free, self-aligned inkjet printing with sub-hundred-nanometer resolution." C. W. Sele, T. von Werne, R. H. Friend and H. Sirringhaus 2005 Advanced Materials 17(8): 997-+ ISI:000228601500009
"Device physics of Solution-processed organic field-effect transistors." H. Sirringhaus 2005 Advanced Materials 17(20): 2411-2425 ISI:000232764500002
"Lithography-free, self-aligned inkjet printing with sub-100 nm resolution." H. Sirringhaus, C. Sele and T. von Werne 2005 Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 229: 157-PMSE ISI:000235066605157
"Morphological and electronic consequences of modifications to the polymer anode 'PEDOT : PSS'." H. J. Snaith, H. Kenrick, M. Chiesa and R. H. Friend 2005 Polymer 46(8): 2573-2578 ISI:000227915800017
"Self-organization of nanocrystals in polymer brushes. Application in heterojunction photovoltaic diodes." H. J. Snaith, G. L. Whiting, B. Q. Sun, N. C. Greenham, W. T. S. Huck and R. H. Friend 2005 Nano Letters 5(9): 1653-1657 ISI:000231945500005
"Solution-processed zinc oxide field-effect transistors based on self-assembly of colloidal nanorods." B. Sun and H. Sirringhaus 2005 Nano Letters 5(12): 2408-2413 ISI:000234357000013
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"Contact effects of solution-processed polymer electrodes: Limited conductivity and interfacial doping." J. Z. Wang, J. F. Chang and H. Sirringhaus 2005 Applied Physics Letters 87(8): 083503 ISI:000231310700062
"Exciton migration in a polythiophene: Probing the spatial and energy domain by line-dipole Forster-type energy transfer." S. Westenhoff, C. Daniel, R. H. Friend, C. Silva, V. Sundstrom and A. Yartsev 2005 Journal of Chemical Physics 122(9): 094903 ISI:000227483300077
"Supramolecular complexes of conjugated polyelectrolytes with poly(ethylene oxide): Multifunctional luminescent semiconductors exhibiting electronic and ionic transport." J. S. Wilson, M. J. Frampton, J. J. Michels, L. Sardone, G. Marletta, R. H. Friend, P. Samori, H. L. Anderson and F. Cacialli 2005 Advanced Materials 17(22): 2659-+ ISI:000233651600001
"Controlled phase separation of polyfluorene blends via inkjet printing." Y. J. Xia and R. H. Friend 2005 Macromolecules 38(15): 6466-6471 ISI:000230627000033
"Single-photon pumping and two-photon probing spectroscopy for the determination of absorption cross-sections in an organic semiconductor." X. P. Zhang, Y. J. Xia and R. H. Friend 2005 Optics Express 13(26): 10873-10881 ISI:000234263000048