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Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge


Radicals have unpaired electrons, leading to unusual physics that could be utilised in next-generation organic electronics. My research explores novel functionality that arises from the combination of luminescence, magnetism and spin properties in these materials. @EmrysLab


Key publications: 

± denotes equal contribution. * denotes corresponding author.

1) A. Abdurahman±, T. J. H. Hele±, Q. Gu, J. Zhang, Q. Peng, M. Zhang, R. H. Friend*, F. Li*, E. W. Evans* Understanding the luminescent nature of organic radicals for efficient light-emitting diodes, Nature Materials, 2020

2) H. Guo±, Q. Peng±, X.-K. Chen±, Q. Gu, S. Dong, E. W. Evans, A. J. Gillett, X. Ai, M. Zhang, D. Credgington, V. Coropceanu,R. H. Friend*, J.-L. Brédas*, F. Li*, High stability and luminescence efficiency in donor-acceptor neutral radicals not following the Aufbau principle, Nature Materials, 2019, 18, 977-984

3) X. Ai±, E. W. Evans±, S. Dong±, A. J. Gillett, H. Guo, Y. Chen, T. J. H. Hele, R. H. Friend*, F. Li*, Efficient radical-based light-emitting diodes with doublet emissionNature, 2018, 563, 536-540

4) E. W. Evans±, Y. Olivier±, Y. Puttisong±, W. K. Myers, T. J. H. Hele, S. M. Menke, T. H. Thomas, D. Credgington, R. H. Friend, N. C. Greenham*, Vibrationally assisted intersystem crossing in benchmark thermally activated delayed fluorescence molecules, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2018, 9(14), 4053-4058

5) D. R. Kattnig±,  E. W. Evans±, V. Déjean, C. A. Dodson, M. I. Wallace, S. R. Mackenzie, C. R. Timmel, P. J. Hore*, Chemical amplification of magnetic field effects relevant to avian magnetoreceptionNature Chemistry, 8(4), 384-391

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow
supported by the Isaac Newton Trust
Dr Emrys W Evans

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+44 (0)1223 336066


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Optical spectroscopy