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Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge


Vincenzo is a PhD alumnus and former Postdoctoral Research Associate of the Optoelectronics Group, University of Cambridge (2009 – 2016). While still affiliated with the same as Visiting Researcher, in May 2016 he started as Associate Professor and Principal Investigator at the Institute of Functional Nano and Soft Materials of Soochow University (China). 

As a Research Associate at Cambridge (May 2014 to March 2016), Vincenzo worked within the EPSRC Centre for Large Area Electronics, and was in charge of developing a solution-based hybrid organic/metal-oxide low-voltage circuit platform for smart-sensor systems (iPESS). This project allowed him to capitalise on his many years of experience with solution-based organic, metal-oxide and hybrid transistors, and process integration for flexible and printed electronics.

Vincenzo carried out his doctoral work on the physics of solution-processed semiconductors under the supervision of Professor Henning Sirringhaus at the University of Cambridge. His PhD research focused on hybrid organic/metal oxide thin-film transistors and circuits, and the electrochemical instability of organic semiconductors.

Prior to his PhD, he completed his BSc and MSc in Electronics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. There he researched on X-ray detection via organic semiconductors under the supervision of Professor Marco Sampietro.


Vincenzo's current research interests include charge transport and photoelectronic properties of solution-processed semiconductors, their device applications (thin-film transistors, photodetectors, solar cells), and flexible and printed optoelectronics.


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Teaching and Supervisions


Vincenzo designed and delivered the NanoDTC Practical on Organic Transistors over 4 academic years (2010 -2014). The NanoDTC is a Centre for Doctoral Training based at the University of Cambridge (Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering). Vincenzo’s practical covered solution-processed polymer semiconductors and transistors, their electrical characterisation, and the polaronic character of their excess charge carriers.

Dr Vincenzo  Pecunia


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Hybrid Nanomaterials,
Organic FETs