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Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Robert Hoye

Dr Robert Hoye

Lecturer and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow (Imperial College)

Robert Hoye is accepting applications for PhD students.



Dr. Robert Hoye was a Junior Research Fellow in OE from 2016 - 2019. He is now a Lecturer in Materials at Imperial College London. More information can be found on his Imperial website: or on his group website:

Dr. Hoye is always keen to talk to motivated students interested in doing a PhD in his group.


  • scale-up
  • Optical spectroscopy
  • Polymers
  • Energy
  • Hybrid Nanomaterials,
  • Metal-organic
  • Nanomanufacturing,
  • Photovoltaics
  • NanoPhotonics
  • Organometallic compounds
  • Synthesis

Key Publications

A full publication list can be found on Google Scholar 

Photovoltaic materials discovery

Highlighted in press release

Highlighted in ACS special issue on lead-free perovskites and listed in sample of best research from Chemistry of Materials.

Hybrid lead-halide perovskites

  • Kevin A. Bush, Axel F. Palmstrom, Zhengshan J. Yu, Mathieu Boccard, Rongrong Cheacharoen, Jonathan P. Mailoa, David P. McMeekin, Robert L. Z. Hoye, Colin D. Bailie, Tomas Leijtens, Ian Marius Peters, Maximillian C. Minichetti, Nicholas Rolston, Rohit Prasanna, Sarah Sofia, Duncan Harwood, Wen Ma, Farhad Moghadam, Henry J. Snaith, Tonio Buonassisi, Zachary C. Holman, Stacey F. Bent, and Michael D. McGehee. 23.6%-Efficient Monolithic Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells with Improved Stability. Nature Energy, 2, 17009 (2017).

  • Jeremy R. Poindexter, Robert L. Z. Hoye, Lea Nienhaus, Rachel C. Kurchin, Ashley E. Morishige, Erin E. Looney, Anna Osherov, Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena, Barry Lai, Vladimir Bulović, Vladan Stevanović, Moungi G. Bawendi, and Tonio Buonassisi. High tolerance to iron contamination in lead halide perovskite solar cells. ACS Nano, 11, 7101-7109 (2017).


Metal oxides

Atmospheric pressure vapour deposition