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Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge


Originally from Uxbridge in Middlesex, I read Chemistry at St John's College, Oxford and graduated in September 2018. Shortly thereafter, I commenced my PhD in the Optoelectronics Group under the supervision of Prof Neil Greenham, funded by the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics (CDT-PV). I am a member of Wolfson College. 

I completed several summer research projects as an undergraduate. The first was a medicinal chemistry project, synthesising new compounds for the treatment of whipworm disease under the supervision of Prof Angela Russell (Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford). The second was a spectroscopy project, investigating metal oxide thin films for solar fuel applications by transient absorption spectroscopy, under the supervision of Prof James Durrant FRS (Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London).

My fourth year (MChem) research project was undertaken under the supervision of Prof Stuart Mackenzie (Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford), utilizing transient absorption spectroscopy to investigate the photophysics of a family of photoactive proteins called cryptochromes. In particular, we were interested in testing the hypothesis that avian retinal cryptochomes are the biophysical origin of the magnetoreception demonstrated by migratory bird species.


My research interests lie in the field of organic semiconductors, in particular materials for use in organic photovoltaic (OPV) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) applications. I use steady-state and time-resolved optical spectroscopies to study the photophysics of these materials, in order to better understand and improve their performance in devices. Currently, I am exploring novel approaches to overcome the long-standing voltage problem in OPV.


Key publications: 
  1. Partridge, F.A., Murphy, E.A., Willis, N.J., Bataille, C.J.R., Forman, R., Heyer-Chauhan, N., Marinič, B., Sowood, D.J.C., Wynne, G.M., Else, K.J., Russell, A.J. and Sattelle, D.B., 2017. 'Dihydrobenz[e][1, 4]oxazepin-2(3H)-ones, a new anthelmintic chemotype immobilising whipworm and reducing infectivity in vivo.' PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases11(2), p.e0005359.
  2. Partridge, F.A., Forman, R., Willis, N.J., Bataille, C.J.R., Murphy, E.A., Brown, A.E., Heyer-Chauhan, N., Marinič, B., Sowood, D.J.C., Wynne, G.M., Else, K.J., Russell, A.J. and Sattelle, D.B., 2018. '2, 4-Diaminothieno[3, 2-d]pyrimidines, a new class of anthelmintic with activity against adult and egg stages of whipworm.' PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases12(7), p.e0006487.

Teaching and Supervisions


I give supervisions for the Natural Sciences Tripos Part 1B Chemistry A paper (Second Year Physical Chemistry) to students at Emmanuel College.

PhD Student
 Daniel  Sowood

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Optoelectronics Group
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